Our dream is to make Web3 mainstream 🎉

To make that dream come true, we love creating free tools for the world to use!

We're a collection of 5,000 adorable octopuses ready to explore the wonderful world of Web3 with you.

Our goal is to be the first stop for any Web3 newcomer to explore the space in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment ❤️

Curious Addys
ADHD Octopus

Projects we're proud of:

We've built a number of free tools to make it easier for newbies to come into the space.


Unlimited allowlists & more, for free:

We believe every creator should have access to the tools they need to sell out their collection without having to pay thousands of dollars. We’re building every tool you could possibly need. The best part? We're 100% free unlike our competitors 😇

nft art generator

Create your NFT collection 100% for free

Launchpad is a free complete toolbox that provides everything you need to launch an NFT collection – from NFT art generation, to custom smart contract building, to a mint button for your website


A place for the curious to learn:

Ask us anything related to Web3 – you’ll get an answer from a Web3 expert today. If you could learn about anything in this space, what would it be? Whether you're interested in NFTs, crypto, the blockchain, or Web3 as a whole - no topic is off limits for our incredible experts.


Mint your very first NFT, for free!

You know what they say, the best way to learn is to actually do. We created this educational game to show just how easy minting your first NFT can be. At the end, you can get your very own NFT for free!

Who are we?

We're a team of techies & creatives that love Web3

Web3 is such a beautiful space: innovation happens so quickly, projects with wonderful missions find audiences, and people are starting brand new career paths that didn’t even exist a year ago. Though this space is brimming with opportunities, we recognize that it’s challenging to enter if you’re new, and especially if you’re non technical. In an effort to make the joys of Web3 more accessible to everyone, we’ve dedicated our time towards supporting those who want to make the scary leap into Web3.

So manyholder benefits:


3 crypto courses for free

1. Master NFTs in 7 Days - The most comprehensive, best selling video course on NFTs.

2. Intro to Crypto - If you want to learn about basics of crypto, this is for you.

3. Web3 Development for Web2 Programmers- If you want to learn how to become a Web3 dev, look no further.


Portfolio tracker

Everything you could want in an NFT portfolio tracker, and a little bit more. Easily track the gains and losses of your NFTs!


Access to ZenAcademy

As a sister project of ZenAcademy, Curious Addys holders get access to the token gated Zen Academy Discord (normally reserved for ZA token holders only)

We airdrop beautiful NFT art (check it out here!) and offer some allowlist spots for popular NFT projects (offered WOW Galaxies, OnChainMonkey, and Meta Angels).

This is just a start - we'll continue to build more and more tools for Addy holders & the rest of the internet!

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Meet our team 🥰

Mai Akiyoshi
Previously, she was a senior engineer at a billion dollar Silicon Valley startup as well as Vice President of Marketing at Logbar, a Japanese startup that created the world's first handheld offline translation device.
Ben Yu
Ben is a Harvard dropout and received a Thiel Fellowship, a program that also fostered Vitalik Buterin. Ben previously cofounded Stream, a blockchain project to better reward content creators, which raised $20 million.
Ana is an OG cryptoartist and animator - she was making fan art of CryptoKitties years before NFTs were cool. She's part of VJLoops.com, where Beeple used to contribute as an artist before he became an NFT centimillionaire.
Lew Blood
Director of Engineering
Flor Ronsmans De Vry
CTO / Co-founder
Nate Broughton
Head of Operations
Jake Hobbs
Lead Software Engineer
Jenny Ho
Product Designer
Community Manager
Stacy E.
Customer Success Manager
Customer Support

Our Advisors

Founder of Zen Academy
Nikil Viswanathan
CEO of Alchemy
Joe Lau
CTO of Alchemy
Randi Zuckerberg
CEO/founder of HUG
Nuseir Yassin
CEO of Nas Academy
Joshua Keay
Product Designer at Instagram

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CATC Library
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The Glossary
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The Book of Scams
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Frequently asked questions

Why an octopus and why the name Addy?

Contrary to popular stigma, ADHD has been profoundly beneficial for us, and has enabled us to be more creative and open to exploring things others wouldn't have explored, such as crypto and NFTs, and to dive deeper than others in exploring these things (it's how we wrote a 90 page primer on NFTs in 6 days).Some of our favorite people in the world were also almost certainly ADHD, such as Leonardo da Vinci (we like to think he would have been into NFTs!). ADHD has its downsides, but it's far from being without its upsides as well!We felt that it was only fitting to create an avatar that would embody these positive traits about ADHD we cherish so deeply, and we hope you will love your Addy and treat it with care as it explores the frontiers of crypto by your side.

An Addy is your curious ADHD octopus crypto companion, filled with boundless energy and hyperactive enthusiasm for learning each and every little thing about crypto. Smart, curious, and all over the place with eight hands to do eight things at once, we felt an octopus best embodied the essence of being a bold, brave new pioneer on the crypto frontier. Mai and Ben, the developers behind this project, are both ADHD, and a large proportion of our friends in crypto are similarly ADHD - crypto is the perfect playground for an ADHD soul, with a million shiny infinitely interesting things to play with and what feels like thousands of things coming out every day.

What are the utilities of Curious Addys?

This is for us to share some of the more notable benefits we offer to our Addy Hodlers. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get an Addy, perhaps this will persuade you. And if not, you'll at least have a better understanding of what's going on at the Curious Addys community!

Free courses - We partnered with Nas Academy, an interactive education learning portal with a variety of different classes spanning multiple subjects and created three classes and all of which are provided for free to our OG Addy Hodlers.
- Master NFTs in 7 Days
Crypto for Beginners
How to Get Started with Web3 Development

TOOLS & FEATURES - While many of our tools and features are available for the entire community (our custom Octodad security, our virtual trading platform, the Addy Adventure tutorial site), there is one tool reserved exclusively for Addy Hodlers —the Portfolio Tracker. The Portfolio Tracker monitors total cost, total value, floor price, % growth, and more. It can even factor in your gas charges at the time of purchase.

Zen Academy discord server access - As we partnered with Zeneca_33, educator/entrepreneur/thought leader of NFTs with 295k followers, Curious Addys NFT holders can get an access to Zen Academy discord server for free! Their community is as friendly as ours yet has so many alpha members who are knowledgeful for NFTs. Check out their discord from here!

ART - We regularly commission art for our Addy Hodlers. While some pieces are made more widely available, the vast majority of our artdrops are for OG Addy Hodlers only.

COLLABS/PARTNERSHIPS - One ongoing benefit about being an OG Addy Hodler is the connections we form with other communities. Our members are regularly treated to raffles for presale list spots, NFT giveaways, game demos, early access to tools, and more! And the larger we grow, the more diverse and frequent these partnerships become.

How can I join the community?

Our community is on our discord, so come join from here! Our founders and team members are there to support you for your journey, so come chat with us from here!

How can I buy an Addy on OpenSea?

Great question! As we've gotten so many questions about how to buy NFTs on OpenSea, we made a guide for you! Check out this article to learn more.