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Curious Addys is the first ever educational NFT project to launch; currently building the on-ramp platform and tools to help crypto go mainstream, and helping Web3 be accessible and welcoming to everyone.

What we have built so far:

Ask us anything related to Web3 – you’ll get an answer from a Web3 expert today. If you could learn about anything in this space, what would it be? Whether you're interested in NFTs, crypto, the blockchain, or Web3 as a whole - no topic is off limits for our incredible experts.

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We believe every creator should have access to the tools they need to sell out their collection without having to pay thousands of dollars. We’re building every tool you could possibly need. The best part? We're 100% free unlike our competitors 😇

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Addy Adventure

You know what they say, the best way to learn is to actually do. We created this educational game to show just how easy minting your first NFT can be. At the end, you can get your very own NFT for free!

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Curious Addys Inc. was founded by a married couple of software engineers and entrepreneurs, Mai Akiyoshi (CEO) and Ben Yu (CTO).

As long term participants and observers in the world of Web3, Mai and Ben quickly noticed a lack of resources for anyone curious about the space—a hindrance to everyone, but especially to those without a background in tech.

Thus, in October 2021, Mai and Ben launched their first NFT project made from a collection of 5,000 adorable octopuses (known as Addys), which served as the genesis to a passionate international community of collectors, creators, and enthusiasts. Some notable members include Alex Cavoulacos and Allyson Downey (founders of Meta Angels), Tricia Pang (founder of Guava Girls), and Randi Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of HUG, and advisor to Curious Addys).

Since launch, the team at Curious Addys has worked vigorously to create a platform and set of tools to help make web3 more accessible, and assist in onboarding newcomers to the space. In addition to our vibrant community, we’ve launched Heymint, a free allowlist manager that gives every NFT creator the tools they need to make their own project, as well as Curious, the largest Q&A platform on Web3, where anyone can get their questions about the space answered.

As technical leaders, Curious Addys has also done smart contract and development work for major innovators in the space including Zen Academy and the 333 Club, World of Women, The Littles, Universal Music Group, and Amber Vittoria.

Other technical innovations include being the first project to implement a 100 day refund policy coded straight into their NFT collection’s smart contract, as well as one of the first projects to implement Soulbound Tokens (SBT), an emerging form of non-transferable NFTs with numerous potential applications that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin considers of great importance.

With passion and perseverance, Curious Addys Inc. is on a mission to bring the next billion people into the world of crypto and all things web3.

Company Info

Curious Addys, Inc.
Fully remote
Mai Akiyoshi and Ben Yu (full team here)


Curious Addys' logo
Curious Addys' logo
Curious Addys' logo
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heymint logo
HeyMint Logo
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heymint logo mark
heymint logo mark


Founders ben yu (cto) and mai akiyoshi (ceo)
Mai Akiyoshi, CEO
Ben Yu, CTO
Mai and Ben’s Curious Addys
Heymint Product Sample
Heymint Product Sample Product Page Soulbound Token
Interactive Tutorial
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